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  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do you need help naming your baby?
  3. Why are you giving away our secret cookie recipe to everyone who submits baby names?
  4. How can I win $100?
  5. How can I win $1000 CASH?
  6. How do you know the exact day our baby will be born?
  7. What happens to your website after February 28th?
  8. Why should I buy a sponsor box on our website?
Who are you?

My name is Ryan Kaltman, I'm 33 years old and I live with my wife in sunny Southern California. We got married back in May of 2003 and knew from the beginning we wanted to build a family. We decided to wait 2 years before trying for children so we could travel together and discover what being married is all about.

Well, last June ('05), we went on a "baby-making" vacation. We packed our bags, got on a plane, and arrived in the most beautiful place we ever been.....Tahiti. If you ever wanted to go to the island paradise you see on most postcards, put some money aside each month, and get yourself to Tahiti.

My wife and I consider ourselves free spirits and our dream was to conceive our baby on a beautiful, remote, white sand beach. Let's just say...mission accomplished!

Our doctor tells us that the baby is due around February 28th 2006. Good  thing 2006 is not a leap year. He he...


Why do you need help naming your baby?

Everywhere we go people ask us, "Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?"
We decided early on we wanted to wait and be surprised on the special day. So we always say, "We don't know."

Immediately after this question they ask, "Well, what are you going to name it if it's a boy or a girl?!"

Now this may be a difficult question to answer. Most parents-to-be choose not to share the names they've picked out for fear that people will discourage them, suggest other names, and be hurt if their suggested names are not considered.

Well, to avoid all of those awkward moments, we decided to not get our hearts set on any names before the baby comes. This way we can honestly welcome all baby name suggestions from our friends, family, and the world without making ourselves crazy.

We decided to make this website so that everyone we know and anyone else in the world who would like to express their opinion could come here and share their favorite baby names.

My wife just mentioned (while looking up from her pickle and ice cream sundae- cravings, gotta love them!) that with your help, we could build the world's largest database of baby names and happily make it available to all pregnant parents. I really like her idea :-)


Why are you giving away our secret cookie recipe to everyone who submits baby names?

"This site is dedicated to the promise I made to my grandmother when she bestowed upon me the importance of choosing the right name for our baby.

One of the ways I'll always remember my grandmother was for the very special cookies she would bake... a secret recipe all her own.

When my mother was pregnant with me and trying to think of a suitable name for the child that would become me, she passed this recipe onto my mother.

Now I can think of no greater symbol of what my grandmother would give to the person who would Help Name Our Baby and make sure that it was the RIGHT name. I believe it would make her smile."


How can I win $100?

To win $100 cash all you have to do is go and submit your favorite baby names.

You will instantly be added to our "baby name helper" list and be entered into our weekly drawing.

On Sunday evenings at midnight (PST) each week we'll chose a baby name helper at random to win $100.

The more baby name submissions you make, the more chances you have to win.


How can I win $1000 CASH?

We are very excited to give away $1,000 CASH on the day our baby is born.

If would like to win the $1,000 prize all you have to do is tell your friends to visit our site and share their favorite baby names.

To get credit for all the friends you tell, you must go to our "Tell Your Friends" page and enter your first name, your email address, and the names and email addresses of your friends. Rest assured that everyone you refer through our system will receive only one message from us encouraging them to visit our site. Again, don't worry, we respect your email privacy and we hate spam as much as you do.

When each friend comes to our site through the link in the email they receive from us, you get a prize point. The person who has collected the most referral prize points by the day our baby is born will win $1,000 CASH. Just imagine if this were you....so get going and tell your friends.


How do you know the exact day our baby will be born?

We don't. February 28th 2006 is the due date our doctor calculated according to his special prediction formula. The fact is our baby could be born well before that date or after. we just decided to count down the the approximate delivery day.

If the baby is born later than February 28th 2006 we'll continue to countdown and the cash prize contest will continue on to the actual delivery day.


What happens to your website after February 28th?

This website will continue to operate as is until our baby's actual delivery date whether it's February 28th or not. After our baby is born, HelpNameOurBaby.com will launch into an exciting new phase of it's development.

Stay tuned, it's going to be a super duper surprise! Also rest assured, all current advertising sponsors will continue to appear on the homepage as is for years and years to come.



Baby Names are searched for nearly a million times every month on the internet.

This topic is among the top ten most searched for subjects online. As more people discover this site and contribute their baby names, our baby name directory will grow.

The larger our directory becomes, the more we will be referenced on other websites as the world's larges baby name resource for expectant parents.

The more links we collect from other websites, the higher we will appear in the search engines. That's when the big website traffic begins.

If you would like to capitalize on the inevitable flood of traffic to our site and have us channel a percentage of the traffic to your website, you might consider buying one or more sponsor boxes on our home page. Boxes are given out on a first come first serve basis. It's hard to say when all the boxes will be taken.

Don't delay, to avoid disappointment, buy boxes today!